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"Yellowstone Stream" copyright Judy Burgess "Crystal Reflection" copyright Ken McKenzie "Misty Morn" copyright Kathy Bergeron

To advance the skills and pleasure of the art and science of photography

Tutorials and other information

For best viewing of the tutorials set your screen resolution to 1280 x 800 or higher. These presentations are audio enabled.  Make sure your speakers are on.

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Mobile Photography

Mobile Photography Program by Karl Pfeil

Click HERE to download a word file of Mobile Photography Tips

Resizing your image with Photoshop:

How to resize images for club competitions   -   Please note that the sizing requirements have changed for images submitted for competitions. They are now 1400 x 1050 pixels at 100 dpi. This is different from the sizes described in the tutorial.

Resizing your image in Apple Mac Preview:

  1. Open your image in "Preview" and Select "Tools"
  2. Select adjust size
  3. Make sure ‘Scale Proportionality’ and that ‘Resample Image’ is checked.
  4. Set your image to 1400 pixels by 1050 pixels at 100 dpi and click OK. Remember, 100 dpi is not optional.
  5. Save using our club competition file naming convention as follows:
    • The name you have given your image followed by an underscore, then your name.  Be sure to save the image as a jpg image not a gif, png, or bmp. Only jpg files will be accepted
    • ie:  fileName_photographerName.jpg


What Makes a Photo Good

Click HERE to visit Charlotte Lowrie's excellent article on creating a good photo.

Click HEREto view Norman Koren's Zone System Article.