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Winners of the May 1 2014 Photo Competition

Division A

Subject: "BIRDS"

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"A%20Body%20in%20Motion" Copyright 2014, Joe Burgess, Photographer

First Place - Division A

Got Supper

First Place RibbonJoe Burgess

"Sailing" Copyright 2014 Ken McKenzie, Photographer

Second Place
Division A


Second Place RibbonKen McKenzie

"The%20three%20Musketeers" Copyright 2014 Joe Martin, Photographer

Third Place
Division A

The Three Musketeers

Second Place RibbonJoe Martin

Division B

"Waxwing%20Town%20Meeting" Copyright 2014 Bill Brochu, Photographer

First Place - Division B

Waxwing Town Meeting

First Place RibbonBill Brochu

"Rye%20Beach%20Snowy" Copyright 2014 Bill Brochu, Photographer

Second Place Division B

Rye Beach Snowy

Second Place RibbonBill Brochu