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"Yellowstone Stream" copyright Judy Burgess "Crystal Reflection" copyright Ken McKenzie "Misty Morn" copyright Kathy Bergeron

To advance the skills and pleasure of the art and science of photography

Winners of the May 2012 Photo Competition

Division A

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"Lenticular%20Spaceship"%20Copyright 2012%20Karl%20Pfeil%20Photographer

First Place - Division A

Lenticular Spaceship

First Place RibbonKarl Pfeil, Photographer

"High%20Sky%20Mt.%20Washington"%20Copyright 2012%20Dick%20Pollock%20Photographer

Second Place
Division A

High Sky Mt. Washington

Second Place RibbonDick Pollock, Photographer

"Sunset%20Clouds%20-1"%20Copyright%20 2012%20Judy Burgess%20Photographer

Third Place
Division A

Sunset Clouds -1

Third Place RibbonJudy Burgess, Photographer

"Rain%20Clouds%20Coming%20Judy%20Burgess%20Photographer"%20Copyright%20 2012%20Judy Burgess%20Photographer

Second Place
Division A

Rain Clouds Coming

Second Place RibbonJudy Burgess , Photographer

Division B

"Angry%20Clouds"%20Copyright%20 2012%20Donna%20Wilson%20Photographer

First Place - Division B

Angry Clouds

First Place RibbonDonna Wilson, Photographer

"Dawning%20Day"%20Copyright%20 2012%20Bonnie%20Gliden%20Photographer

Second Place Division B

Dawning Day

Third Place RibbonBonnie Glidden, Photographer

"Peaceful%20Clouds"%20Copyright%202 012%20Sean%20dunker-bendigo%20Photographer

Third Place Division B

Peaceful Clouds

Third Place RibbonSean Dunker-Bendigo, Photographer

"Sea%20Clouds"%20Copyright 2012%20Chuck%20Taylor%20Photographer

First Place - Division B

Sea Clouds

First Place RibbonChuck Taylor, Photographer

"In%20the%20clouds"%20Copyright 2012%20Bonnie%20Glidden%20Photographer

Second Place - Division B

In the Clouds

Second Place RibbonBonnie Glidden, Photographer

"After%20the%20Storm"%20Copyright 2012%20Sean%20Dunker-Bendigo%20Photographer

Third Place - Division B

After the Storm

Third Place RibbonSean Dunker-Bendigo, Photographer

"Chocorua%20sunset"%20Copyright 2012%20Chocorua%20Sunset%20Photographer

First Place - Division B

Chocorua Sunset

First Place RibbonMary jane Beattie, Photographer

"Morning%20in%20the%20Mountains"%20Copyright 2012%20Mary%20Jane%20Beattie%20Photographer

Second Place Division B

Morning in the Mountains

Third Place RibbonMary Jane Beattie, Photographer

"Mountain%20Sunset"%20Copyright 2012%20Mountain%20Sunset%20Photographer

Third Place Division B

Mountain Sunset

Third Place RibbonElise Edgerton, Photographer

"Stormy%20Day"%20Copyright 2012%20Eli%20Dunker-Bendigo%20Photographer

First Place - Division B

Stormy Day

First Place RibbonEli Dunker Bendigo, Photographer

"snow%20clouds%20mt%20washingtonquot;%20Copyright 2012%20mary%20jane%20beattie%20Photographer

Second Place - Division B

Snow Clouds Mt. Washington/p>

Second Place RibbonMary Jane Beattie, Photographer

"Winter%20Glow"%20Copyright 2012%20Bev%20Taylor%20Photographer

Third Place - Division B

winter Glow

Third Place RibbonBev Taylor, Photographer

"Clouds"%20Copyright 2012%20Mary%20Sheldon%20Photographer

Third Place
Division A


Third Place RibbonMary Sheldon, Photographer