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 To advance the skills and pleasure of the art and science of photography.

Winning Photos from 03/17/2010

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"Tulip" Photographer Vicki Philbrick

First Place  "Tulip"

Photographer: Vicki Philbrick

"Male Caliope" Photographer Kathy Bergeron

First Place
"Male Caliope"

Photographer: Kathy Bergeron
"Osprey in Flight" Photographer Judy Burgess

First Place  "Osprey in Flight"

Photographer: Judy Burgess
"Fire Hole River" Photographer Ed Bergeron

Second Place "Fire Hole River"

Photographer: Ed Bergeron

Second Place "Water Included"

"Water Drips" Photographer VIcki Philbrick

Third Place "Water Drops"

Photographer: Vicki Philbrick
"Bouquet" Photographer Leo Kenney

Third Place "Bouquet"

Photographer: Leo Kenney
"Egret" Photographer Paul Tung

Third Place "Egret"

Photographer: Paul Tung
"Shadows" Photographer Paul Tung

Third Place "Shadows"

Photographer: Ed Bergeron