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 To advance the skills and pleasure of the art and science of photography.

Winning Photos from 11/18/09

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"Rainbow over Canyon" Photographer Paul Tung

First Place: Rainbow  over the Grand  Canyon

Photographer: Paul Tung
"Ferris Wheel" Photographer Judy Burgess

First Place: Ferris Wheel

Photographer: Judy Burgess

"Big Black Burly Bruin" Photographer Dick Pollock

Second Place: Big Black Burly Bruin

Photographer: Dick Pollock
"Lake Louise" Photographer Ed Bergeron

Second Place: Lake Louise

Photographer: Ed Bergeron
"Stormy in the Grand Canyon" Photographer Paul Tung

Second Place: Stormy in the Canyon

Photographer: Paul Tung

"Broadbill Hummingbird" Photographer Kathy Bergeron

Third Place: Broadbill Hummingbird

Photographer:  Kathy Bergeron

"Pondicherry Panorama" Photographer Ed Bergeron

Third Place: Pondicherry Panorama

Photographer: Ed Bergeron

"Pondicherry Panorama" Photographer Ed Bergeron

Third Place:  Holding On

Photographer: Leo Kenney