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"Yellowstone Stream" copyright Judy Burgess "Crystal Reflection" copyright Ken McKenzie "Misty Morn" copyright Kathy Bergeron

To advance the skills and pleasure of the art and science of photography

Competition Rules and Guidelines

Revised 9/2015

Click here to download a pdf version of the rules.


Note: Monthly competitions are a constructive way that club members receive feedback from a variety of photographers and visual artists about the quality of our work. Seeing and listening to the critiques of your own and other peoples work is one of the most instructive and rapid ways to improve the quality of your work.

  1. . Competition is open to dues paying club members
  2. . At monthly competitions, each member may enter two digital images, and two prints, which may be any combination of color and/or monochrome.
  3. . Each month there is an assigned subject (see web site for listing) for images (the same for both digital and prints) and the subject must be the main focus of interest in the photo.
  4. . Prints may be commercially printed. Sepia and toners may be used. Minimum print size is 8”x10” (exclusive of any matting). Maximum print size is 16” x 24” (including any matting). All prints must be mounted, but matting is optional. On the back of the print a note must include the photographer’s name, title of the print, and an arrow pointing to the top of print. Panorama prints may not exceed 14” in height and 36” in width. Prints must be submitted without frames. Gallery wraps are considered framed and may not be submitted.
  5. . If the subject is NATURE the image should not display the “hand of man” in any way. Nothing man-made can be visible. This also means no cultivated flowers or domesticated pets. Image manipulation is limited to dust spot removal, slight sharpening, dodging and burning, and very minor color brightening or adjustment. No portion of the image may be removed except by cropping.
  6. . Competitors are grouped in two divisions: Division A and B. Professionals are automatically placed in A and the highest average scorer in B is automatically placed in A at the beginning of the next program year.
  7. . It is recommended that the assigned subject images be taken the year of the competition.
  8. . All images and prints must be taken by the entrant. Digital images must be processed by entrant, prints may be commercially printed. Non-placing images may be resubmitted. A winning image (placing 1, 2 or 3) may not be resubmitted.
  9. . All digital images must have a file name containing the image title and the entrant’s name For example: Winter Dawn_JoePhotographer.jpg. Note the underscore that separates the image title from the entrant’s name. All digital images must be submitted as JPGS.
  10. . Digital images must be resized as follows before submission: Landscape must not exceed 1024 pixels wide and 768 pixels high at 72 dpi. (Note: 72 dpi is not optional) Portrait must not exceed 768 pixels high. There is a resizing tutorial on the club web site. Digital files which are not properly labeled and/or do not meet the size limits will not be included in the competition.
  11. . Submission deadline is the Thursday preceding the competition or earlier. All images will be pre-screened for conformity with competition rules.Early submissions are encouraged. Makeups are not permitted after the deadline


Entries are judged for composition, emphasis and interpretation of the main subject, originality, impact, technical quality and presentation (poorly matted prints may lose points).

In the digital category, the three highest scores and two honorable mentions in each division are awarded ribbons.

Only the top print in each division (A & B) will be awarded ribbons.

Images and prints, which scored at 8 points or more, are entered in the Image of the Year Competition

All Photographs are copyrighted by the photographer. All rights reserved

Revised 10/5/16