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To advance the skills and pleasure of the art and science of photography

This page contains information regarding outside critique circuits and  competitions available for club members.

Information on the NECC Photo Circut:

All NECCC Member Club Representatives

Many of the clubs that make up the New England Council of Camera Clubs participate in one or more of the circuits – Color Print, Black & White Print and Digital yearly. The circuits give the participating clubs an opportunity to learn from and to enjoy the creative efforts of others. Club members will get new ideas from viewing the work of other photographers. They will receive instruction and evaluation through an expert commentator’s critique of the photographs within the circuit. Some clubs use the circuit as part of a regularly scheduled program night, others use it as a study session at a club member’s home, and still others use it as an introduction to judging another photographer’s work. No matter how the circuit is viewed by participating clubs, it is a great learning tool.

The timing of the schedule for the current season will be similar to the past years.

The Entry and Date Selection Form for each season is sent to all club representatives. No forms will be in the NECCC Club Representative packages. However, additional forms may be mailed by the respective directors of the circuits to those clubs who have been directly responsible for circuit entries in the past year.

Date Selection Forms, if applicable, are to be returned to the respective circuit directors along with the $5.00 entry fee per circuit ($5 per section for the Digital Circuit) (see the below additional fee requirements if participating in the print Circuits), made payable to NECCC.

Circuit directors will meet during the annual conference to schedule participating clubs so as to avoid conflicting dates.

Circuit directors will send confirmation dates to participants.

The season runs from November to May. This gives the participating clubs:

  1. An opportunity to enter their best work from the previous camera club season
  2. A chance to set their schedule for the upcoming camera club season in a timelier manner
  3. The avoidance of conflicting circuit scheduling dates

Please remember that while care is taken in the handling and storage of submitted material, NECCC, Inc. assumes no liability for the loss of, or damage to, any slides or prints. If an image is believed to have market value or is irreplaceable for sentimental or other reasons, please submit a duplicate instead.

A postage fee will be assessed for clubs participating in either the B&W or Color Print Circuit. The NECCC Board has "decided there will be an additional $25 per club per year postage fee to participate in the print activities."

There will be one $25 fee for clubs participating in the Black & White Print Circuit, Color Print Circuit or the Inter Club Print Competition. Thus if your club participates in one print activity or all three print activities the fee is $25. The $25 fee is to help off-set the cost of shipping the prints.

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